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The 4th of July is the day that America celebrates independence from Great Britain. Times of course have changed; we are now friends with Great Britain, and we certainly donít think of them as the Red Coats anymore. We also struggle with a widening gap in partisan politics and growing polarization. Still, the 4th of July is a time to look back over our history and remember our roots, and the brave men and women who stood up for freedom in the earliest days of Americaís foundation.

Many of these 4th of July quotes are from politicians, writers, and celebrities looking back, but others come directly from men who fought for freedom during the Revolutionary War. Other quotes about the American Independence come from presidents who served during the 20th century. Reading these quotes, you are sampling history, and looking back in time through the lenses of many different eras of history. Still others come from foreigners, speaking on the same ideals of freedom and equality which our country was founded on. When you read quotes about the 4th of July, you can look past the partisan politics and struggles of today to the inspirational foundation of America. This is a wonderful way to celebrate or reconnect with your patriotism.