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Be Yourself Quotes

Being yourself should be the easiest thing in the world. After all, you are yourself, and there is nothing in the world that can ever change that. Being true to yourself, though, is what is truly meant by saying ďbe yourself.Ē To be yourself means to express all that is near and dear to your heart, to live the life that suits you to the best of your ability, and not somebody elseís life. Thatís one of the hardest things in the entire universe. Itís made even more difficult because those who fail to do it will try at every turn to tear you down, because your success reminds them of their failures.

Youíre going to need encouragement along the way, which is where be yourself quotes come in. Sayings by thinkers, philosophers, and famous people throughout history talk about the challenges of being true to yourself against all the obstacles. Reading quotes about being true to yourself can be just what you need when pressure from others around you is getting you down. Others have faced the same struggles that you have and have prevailed. You too can stand up to those who do not love you as you are, and surround yourself with those who do. And most importantly, you can choose to love and honor yourself as you truly are, and express that to the world with all your might.