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Disappointment Quotes

There's nothing inherently wrong with disappointment. It's natural to be somewhat bummed when somebody fails to live up to your expectations or you fail to get the results you want. But what matters is how you deal with this acknowledgment.

Reading our quotes about disappointment will show you that, much like many overwhelming emotional states, it's largely a matter of perspective.

For instance, sometimes when you don't get what you want, you slip into a state of melancholy or even depression. It can affect your entire life.

The problem is you're attributing whatever occurred with some meaning. A rejection means you weren't good enough. A failure means you'll never succeed. A betrayal means people can't be trusted.

But none of these things actually have these meanings – you made that call.

Another common problem is depending on something to turn out a certain way. You decide that what you want “must be.” This guy “must” like me. I “must” get the grade I want. I “must” get this raise.

But things don't pop into existence just because you think they “must;” you have no divine right to get what you want. Accepting this is the key to avoiding the trap of disappointment becoming a debilitating event.

The proper way to deal with disappointment is disappointed. Then, move on. Things didn't work out – oh, well. Either try again or try for something else.

Let disappointment be a fleeting feeling rather than a life-altering state. To use an ugly metaphor, you can mourn, but that doesn't mean you have to dress all in black.

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