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Encouraging Quotes

It's funny how words on a page can speak to us. Our entire reality can seem ruined – the state of our life hopeless – and we're ready to give up, when suddenly we come across some words of encouragement that paint our world in an entirely new perspective.

And suddenly we find hope once again.

Because perspective is everything. You probably know this already, but when you're caught in the fog of the moment, you can't just force yourself to change your mind. It often takes someone else pointing things out in a way you hadn't thought about.

A paradigm shift.

Or encouraging quotes that remind you of something you forgot in your moment of self-pity or defeat.

It's a good idea to keep inspiring or paradigm-shifting writings somewhere where you can find them when you need them most. When you're in a foul mood, you'll probably resist pulling them out, certain nothing can change your state. Because when you're down, your emotional state feels like a concrete reality.

But do it anyways.

Cultivate the habit of going through your “encouragement files” even if it seems like a waste – what do you have to lose? Chances are something will speak to you, wake you up and pull you back out of the darkness.

This is how humans speak to each other through the centuries.

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