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Not all the relationships in your life are necessarily positive ones; even those that look positive are not always beneficial. Sometimes your friends are really your “frenemies,” people who seem like they are there for you on the surface, but who underneath are really praying for you to fail. There is nothing worse than trusting someone only to realize later they were never really your friend. And worst of all is when you are ready to take a bullet for someone only to discover that they are the one pressing the trigger.

You are not alone, though, as you will see when you read these fake friends quotes. Quotes about fake people reveal that fake friends are far more common than real ones, and that they are actually pretty hard to avoid. If someone in your life has let you down, it is not because you are a bad person or do not deserve real friendship. Fake people quotes make it clear that the best of people often find themselves the target of fake relationships and underlying deceit. Take courage from the fact that it isn’t your fault, and let go of those people in your life that are harming you. Real friends are much harder to find, but they are worth the effort! And you won’t find them until you’re ready to release the damaging people in your life.