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Loyalty Quotes

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They say that if you get through your life with even two or three true friends that you can count on, you should consider yourself a fortunate person. But what does this really mean?

Unfortunately, it means loyalty can be a bit scarce in this world. And this is tragic because for most of us, nothing makes us feel more secure than knowing we have someone to can count on no matter what happens.

You can't force others to be loyal, but since loyalty is so universally treasured, cultivate it in yourself. In doing so, you not only draw more loyal people into your life but inspire the otherwise-flawed people around you to follow suit.

Most people, on gut reaction, consider themselves loyal, but sometimes a closer look at past decisions brings this into question.

That “mistake” you made, when you cheated on a lover or spouse. The time you spoke poorly about a friend behind their back. Or, have you ever left someone hanging when they really needed you? Because you were caught up in something else or felt like being there this time was too much of a sacrifice?

Have you dropped a friend because they were going through something dark or offensive? Ever seen a friend physically attacked and lacked the courage to help?

Most of us have done these things from time to time. Perhaps friends have left you behind because of it and you never took a moment to realize.

If you want to be loyal, it doesn't start by waiting for the perfect person to be loyal to or the perfect time to do it. Loyalty is something you build over time, often through sacrifice of your own comfort and convenience.

After all, if loyalty were easy, everyone would have it.

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